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A software platform and community that helps
Nutritionists grow their business!

Nutritionist-first platform

A platform built by nutritionists, for nutritionists to make client and diet management easy and organized, while also providing a social community for Nutritionists and Dietitians.

Automated work flow

From personalized client onboarding, creating diet plans, tracking diet history, scheduling appointments to viewing performance of your client – automate everything!

Acquire new clients

Increase your efficiency and productivity. Together let's build a community for Nutritonists and enable people to find the right Nutritionist for their specific health needs. It's time to grow your business now!

The Nutrition Circle

How it all started

The Nutrition Circle was conceptualized by our Nutritionist founder who herself wanted a simple and intuitive way to manage clients, effectively create diet plans, and automatically track progress. Hence, removing the complexity of starting a Nutrition business and making it affordable, Nutritionists can now start their own online business within minutes for free!

How is it going

Our vision is to simplify communication between Nutritionists and their clients, allowing them to focus on the more important aspects of helping clients achieve their health goals! Our mission is to build a close knit community of Nutritonists and Dietitians to help everyone lead healthier lives.

About the Founder


Mariyah Zohaib

Founder & CEO

The Nutrition a circle (TNC) was founded by Mariyah Zohaib, who is an Independent Nutritionist by profession based out of Seattle, Washington and has been working in the industry since 2016 after graduating with a Bachelors of Science in Food and Nutrition. Born in Mumbai, India, she moved to the United States with her husband. She is currently a mother to a lovely 2 year old daughter who keeps her busy and also provides the strength and encouragement to build a company that empowers female nutritionists amongst all others and gives them a platform to manage clients easily, saving time and effort in tracking their progress.

The theme of our website is Purple, which stands for creativity, dignity, independence, wisdom and represents feminine energy. For Mariyah, the inspiration for creating the The Nutrition Circle platform was to get more personal time back. As a nutritionist herself, Mariyah found that she was spending too much time every day managing appointments manually, ensuring clients are following their diet plans, making progress, and getting diet plans sent to them. The Nutrition Circle was created for exactly solving these problems with a very intuitive and simple interface, which automates all these tasks, and that is both inexpensive and not requiring any tech expertise or training to start. It’s a software built by nutritionists, for nutritionists.

Mariyah is also a board member of the EIXSYS Healthcare Systems (Austin, TX) that provides free healthcare to under served communities.


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